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Tech Data Canada Takes Invoicing Online with New eBills Program
New online application provides next day access to invoice detail and sets the stage for online payment

Mississauga, ON - December 14, 2005 - Tech Data Canada, a leading provider of IT products, logistics management and other value-added services, today announced a new online invoicing application called TD eBills. The application, which will be rolled out in two phases, presents resellers with a dynamic, easy and more secure way to view invoices online. The eBills tool provides full invoice detail and archived data for two years, giving resellers control and flexibility to manage and maintain invoice records.

"We wanted to create an online tool that would make the invoicing and payment process as secure, simple and painless as possible for our resellers," said David Spindler, Director, e-Business and Business Development, Tech Data Canada. "With new eBills, resellers will have easy access to detailed, itemized invoice data, ultimately allowing them to bill their customers in a more timely and efficient manner."

Tech Data spent three years developing the TD eBills program, focusing on key areas such as next day data retrieval, complete invoice detail, managed viewing rights and a high level of security to provide peace of mind for resellers. Once signed up to TD eBills, registered resellers can access the eBills tool through a resource centre on Tech Data's web site.

From the main TD eBills screen, members can view and sort their listed invoices and select one to see line item detail. Users can also download invoices in a variety of formats and append electronic notes for future reference.

The TD eBills program will be rolled out in two phases to ensure that resellers are well-acquainted and comfortable with using the online tool. The first "presentment" phase will provide resellers with online access to their invoices, notifying them next-day via e-mail once an invoice is available. The second "payment" phase will be rolled out in early 2006 and will allow resellers to make online payments against invoices and electronically manage the invoice dispute process.

"For the presentment phase of eBills, our focus is on helping resellers transition from the slower paper invoice process to the online system," said Jose Brito, Director, Credit Services, Tech Data Canada. "In the new year we'll expand to the electronic payment phase, providing full accounts payable management, including scheduling and post-dating of invoice payments, all without having to cut and mail a cheque."

In order to provide high levels of security and comprehensive management of invoicing and payment, Tech Data has partnered with Transend Business Services to offer the TD eBills program. Transend is an industry-leading provider in business to business automation of financial document processing and electronic payment transactions.

"We specialize in electronic document presentment and payment programs, so we understand Tech Data's need to reinforce the security of its online invoicing," said Brent Luckman, CEO, Transend Business Services Inc. "We've worked closely with Tech Data not only to provide a safe and secure solution, but also to deliver an easy and complete tool for Tech Data's customers to manage their accounts payable processes."

Resellers can register for Tech Data's new TD eBills program by contacting the Storage & Server Business Unit at 1-888-925-9983 or solutions@techdata.ca.

About Tech Data
Tech Data Corporation (Nasdaq: TECD), founded in 1974, is a leading global provider of IT products, logistics management and other value-added services. Ranked 110th on the Fortune 500, the company and its subsidiaries serve more than 90,000 technology resellers in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Tech Data's extensive service offering includes pre- and post-sales training and technical support, financing options and configuration services as well as a full range of electronic commerce solutions. The company generated sales of $19.8 billion for its most recent fiscal year, which ended January 31, 2005.

About Transend Business Services Inc.
Founded in 2001, Transend Business Services Inc. is a Delaware corporation with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Transend is privately-held and self-funded. Transend's major focus is On-Demand business services. The company's managed services environments have grown from the core competency of Electronic Document Presentment and Payment services for business-to-business (which helps large to small enterprises automate business spending processes) to include storage service provision (SSP), managed security service provision (MSSP), and the sale and support of award-winning and best-of-breed hardware and software solutions that are used in Transend's own managed services environments.

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