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Sony VAIO @ Tech Data

Never Go Unnoticed

There's something unique about every Sony VAIO notebook. Constantly evolving, each model in the lineup features innovative design elements and a rare blend of colors and textures that cannot be overlooked. Visit www.sony.com/dealersource for more information about Sony VAIO products.


Take advantage of $75 off the Sony VAIO S Series through Mar. 31. This laptop, with a 13.3-inch screen, offers a bold design and feature set that leaves little to be desired—at an incredible value. With minimum visual seams, a built-in battery and ports that don't detract from the aesthetics, the S is a real looker. (TD#s 84524X, 84525X, 84526X, 84527X, 84528X, 84529X, 84530X, 84531X, 84532X)


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